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My Adventures With Google Plus Authorship

Google Plus Authorship? My sock monkey is not amused!

Google Plus Authorship, better known as Google+ Authorship is the next “Big New Shiny Thing.” But I’m here to tell you it isn’t always easy and I honestly wondering how long I’m going to try to get it done before I give up. Here’s the deal. I have two blogs, and where I discuss the Fantasy genre and review Fantasy books. Google had no problem assigning authorship to but the other blog? I can’t think of enough expletives to describe this never ending misadventure. Now, Google says I need to have a link to my G+ page from this blog. Okay… like there’s not about a bazillion little widgets all over this site saying “Hey! Come find me over at G+! I’m +TeresaCoffey! Find me! Let’s find circles in common and commune with other writerly and bookish types. But do those count? No. So, here’s my link, once again so Google can verify my ownership of this blog.

Hey Google! This blog belongs to +TeresaCoffey!


Google Plus Authorship – The Adventure Continues

Update: Okay… so that didn’t work. Google doesn’t give much in the way of directions for Google Plus Authorship and honestly, for this sort of thing – the kind of thing where it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to right off the bat, I really need “Google Plus Authorship for Dummies.” I’m going to try putting the link they require into the header and see what happens so wait for my next update. I’ll either be singing hallelujahs or spewing expletives so loud my neighbors might just call the police…

Update: This is what’s Google’s snarky little Rich Text Snippet thingy is telling me: “Google Plus Authorship Testing Result
Page does not contain authorship markup. Click here to learn More.”
Arghhhhhh….. I put the link in the header, I put the link in a post. Maybe I should serve the freaking link with jam and toast?

Well played, Google Plus Authorship. Well played. I’m going to go learn more and be right back.

Update: After much rending of hair and gnashing of teeth, I gave up on trying to figure out how to do it with Google’s Google Plus Authorship instructions. I swear, I know the words they’re using but trying to figure out what they’re trying to explain is like trying to parse Elvish… or maybe Klingon.

I finally went to look at WordPress plugins for Google Plus Authorship and installed it. Now, everything works and it has my cute little sock monkey I should probably name in the image box! Holy Bejeezus Google Plus Authorship was hard to figure out. Hopefully, my misadventures will help some of you when you try to get Google Plus Authorship set up on your blog or web site.

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