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Writing Tips for Fantasy Fiction

We'll explore various writing tips and topics to consider along the way to becoming a writer of fantasy and speculative fiction. Topics will range from discussions about the mechanics of writing. Writing mechanics may address topics such as point of view, passive voice versus active voice, adverbs, overuse of adjectives, purple prose, cliches, and punctuation. Please let me know if there's a particular topic, trope, or stereotype you'd like to see discussed.

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    My Adventures With Google Plus Authorship

    Google Plus Authorship, better known as Google+ Authorship is the next “Big New Shiny Thing.” But I’m here to tell you it isn’t always easy and I honestly wondering how long I’m going to try to get it done before I give up. Here’s the deal. I have two blogs, www.TLCoffeyWrites.com and www.AlchemicalWords.com where I discuss the Fantasy genre and review Fantasy books. Google had no problem assigning authorship to www.TLCoffeyWrites.com but the other blog? I can’t think of enough expletives to describe this never ending misadventure. Now, Google says I need to have a link to my G+ page from this blog. Okay… like there’s not about a bazillion…

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    Experimenting with Feedshark

    Pingomatic hasn’t been pinging my blog. Or at least I haven’t been getting the little ping messages in my dashboard. I decided I needed a backup so I’m trying out Feedshark. I filled in all the information on their site and now it wants me to add a string of code to my site. I’m just not that code savvy. I can do little things but I couldn’t find the <body…</body> in the code. The alternate is to create a post with their code in it. I know, I should educate myself… Maybe WordPress for Dummies or Coding for Dummies. Anyhoo… I’m going to try it like this: HyperSmash.com You…